TEKAL S.A. is a Greek corporation that operates and specializes in the in the civil engineering, building, mechanical and services sectors throughout the country. It was founded in February 1990, as a result of personal and cooperative business activities of its shareholders, dating back to 1980.

Over the past two decades the corporation delivers projects of high quality by implementing innovating business practices, offering in this way services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of its customers. TEKAL’S qualified personnel and its international collaborations enable the corporation to adjust –and evolve- to this new competitive environment by undertaking projects of specialized technical requirements and of the highest quality standards. In fact, TEKAL’s expertise in marine construction as well as in specialized construction projects has given the corporation the opportunity to contribute to the construction of better infrastructure for the country and ultimately to the economic growth of Greece itself.

Τhe accumulated experience of the company, its trustworthiness and the fact that TEKAL S.A. met and always meets the demands of times enabled the corporation to create a cutting edge expertise in the design and construction of both private and public sector projects. At the same time those qualities contributed towards the strengthening of its production capacity as well as acquiring a unique position in the local market.

TEKAL S.A. is a dynamically developing corporation being in a state of expanding its business in the broader region of the Balkans and of South Europe.