TEKAL S.A. is the product of many years of laborious effort and hard work, mastery of the sector (planning/designing/building and civil engineering, real estate development and project management as well as similar services to the above mentioned) and of one more key factor: a great vision for creation. We, the people and founders of the TEKAL S.A. started off in the field of private companies and consortia to find ourselves today - due to our trustworthiness and diligence- undertaking, responsibly and effectively, projects ranging from simple constructions to the most demanding and complex projects.

During our almost 30- year ascending course, we have gained both invaluable know-how and expertise and at the same time we have acquired state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, allowing us to respond promptly to every challenge.

Our corporate culture is not based on a typical and sterile attitude but instead bases its operation on family values –and it operates and functions as such. Its employees (including senior management, engineers, and support staff) have been collaborating with each other and cooperating inside the corporation for quite many years. The “family” relationships that have been built through the years as a result of the harmonious coexistence and cooperation, the cutting edge expertise –specifically on public sector infrastructure construction and marine construction projects-, the proven accountability regarding the always on time and beyond the customer’s expectations project delivery as well as the corporations’ responsible attitude towards environment, innovation and healthy competition issues gives the company a major competitive advantage over its competitors.

Our achievements include the prompt assessment and restoration of damages in school buildings caused by the 1999 earthquake in Attica, demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility. We have played an active part in the implementation of the Ministry of Education's Pilot Program for the design of new forms of school yards. We have restored and embellished, with our specialized staff and state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, a great number of designated buildings with great historical significance.

By constructing underground and surface parking areas, we have contributed to the improvement of traffic and parking problems in the capital city of Athens, reshaping, at the same time, the surrounding areas. We have participated in the maintenance of the Olympic sports facilities thanks to the know-how and mechanical support that our company can guarantee.

Through methodical planning, we have created the necessary conditions to expand our activities in other Balkan countries.

We participated in the consortium that took over the upgrading of Pier II in the Piraeus Port -which was commissioned to the Chinese Company COSCO- and having a great respect to the importance of the project we delivered it based on our impeccable expertise, on time and with great success. We also participated in the consortium which has undertaken the construction of Pier III (East Division) and, in February 2015, in the consortium regarding the extension of Pier III (West Department), a project that we continue on our own.

Our company, responding to the needs of our times, takes action in the bioclimatic projects and especially in the construction of bioclimatic buildings and photovoltaic parks.

To conclude, I would like to point out that the driving force in our company's development is its human resources, which daily contribute to our progress and the achievement of our highly-set targets. Finally, I would like to stress our firm belief: We believe in diligence, in the will to advance, and in prosperity through creation.

The President of TEKAL S.A.,
Panagiotis Psaltakos.