Setting the foundations for a strong tomorrow

Our values comprise of the following:

  • Teamwork, responsibility and high quality of service
  • Environmental Concerns/Protection, Social Responsibility
  • Keeping Client's Satisfied
  • Application of Innovations, Know how
  • Learning and Knowledge Sharing

TEKAL S.A. encourages a culture which aims at preserving our status in the local market which is a prerequisite for the future expansion of the company towards new markets. The company capitalizes its profitability along the following pillars that form the backbone of our philosophy


Going beyond clients' expectations

We are a client-oriented company and the satisfaction of our clients' needs is a top priority for us. Through constant dialogue and cooperation integration of the production process by bringing all stakeholders in play, in a structured and collaborative way. Capturing, understanding and ultimately transforming clients' aspirations into reality, into realized projects in other words, is what makes the difference for us. Furthermore, realizing that contemporary construction companies are a constant source of creativity, we do not limit ourselves by the clients' objectives, but mainly add on them so as to propose and eventually construct projects that exceed their expectations..

Implementing best practice

We constantly try to review and improve our business process with a view to improving quality and productivity, the source of our financial results and growth. Implementing best practices is not only a desirable objective but also a standard policy so as to preserve and expand our client base whilst meeting our time, quality and budget targets.



TEKAL S.A. substantially encourages construction innovation and supports the adoption of new knowledge into its operations. By implementing a "knowledge sharing" approach both vertically and horizontally and the appropriate usage of specialized engineering equipment, the company guarantees the construction of state-of-the-art facilities in a seamless way. The decentralization of authority and the creation of network structures is our main management philosophy towards the accomplishment of our objectives. The aforementioned qualities have enabled us to be distinguished at an international level on the forefront of construction know-how as well as to be praised by the international trade press regarding the application of technical innovation.